Saturday, 2 July 2011

July 2 Adventures

I can't think of a very good title for today's adventure.

We stayed at mom's last night but Jill stayed in Raymond because she decided to do a 2 K road race. She's my hero! she came in first for girls her age, and fourth for boys and girls her age. What a girl!

I was going to go to the temple but I was really tired, and also felt like I should hang out with Allen some. He is in the middle of getting a new recommend so he couldn't join me. He helped my mom with her lawn, and we enjoyed visiting. Mm and I went and visited Aunt Marvelle. She is in a beautiful extended care facility now. It was good to visit with her. She looks like she is doing well there.

This afternoon we went to Park Lake for a Wilcox family reunion. What a great place!! And great was a great day!

Tonight I am so tired though I can hardly see straight. Two days of partying has taken it's toll!

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