Sunday, 3 July 2011

Snakes and Sirens

Primary is always so entertaining. This is my month to do Sharing Time. I talked about Moses' temple, Nephi's temple and Joseph Smith's temple. I was trying to explain who Moses was and told some random Moses being the snake on the stick. I went on to Nephi, but one boy couldn't get past the snake story. Every time his hand went up (which was anytime I asked a question) it was another snake question.

What kind of snakes were they?
Why were there so many snakes?
Where did they come from?
Did they get to keep the snakes?
I want a snake on a stick.

Then we would roll a dice during Singing Time (our poor music leader had a house of sick kids so I did singing time today). We would sing the way the dice rolled: cowboy style, underwater, opera, etc. After we sang it police man style I couldn't get one of the Sunbeams to stop making police car siren sounds. LOL

Primary. It's two hours of comedy sometimes!

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