Monday, 20 April 2020

Busy Day!

Wow! We did a lot of big stuff today! Besides a serious boat load of work and walking 5 km. We bought a car, got it insured and registered. It's going to be my car to drive and I'm quite excited about it. Pretty fancy! It's a Dodge Stealth.

We also bought a new fridge! Buying a fridge has a domino affect. Of course, there's the cleaning behind the old fridge (man, there were pounds of dust back there!) It was too big to come through the door, so we took the door off. While the entry way was all cleared out I did a real good cleaning of the tile floor, then noticed the walls and cleaned those. Putting the door back on meant it had to be cleaned too. Eeeesh! Exhausting!

 Missing door.

 Oh there it is!

The new fridge. It's a beauty.

 Ran out of time and energy to get this emptied out and put in the new fridge so for now we're styling it up with an extra fridge in the middle of the kitchen. Yeehaaa.

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