Sunday, 12 April 2020

Happy Easter!

Our day started out with Easter Bunny treats. Allen is so funny. Since his stroke, he is NOT a morning person, except for days like this! He went out and bought surprises for everyone, which meant he couldn't sleep. Luckily, most people in our house are early risers so he didn't have to wait too long. There were new shirts, a jean jacket, beautiful scarves, and of course, candy.

Frank wanted some treats too - so we got out the special dog treats. LOL

We had a pretty quiet day with plenty of time to read and visit with friends. Jill did a call with all her soeur friends - which sounded like it was a lot of fun. I made pita bread today! I haven't made it for years and was pleasantly surprised to remember how easy it is. I'm always so amazed to see how it puffs up and makes a perfect pocket. It's like magic! (You can tell how super proud of it I am. I took more pictures of my pita bread than anything today! LOL) For those of you interested in doing the same thing, here is the recipe.

Peirce worked today from 8-4:30 and so when he got home we had our Easter Dinner. We had green salad, ham, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, waldorf salad and peacan pudding pie for dessert. Allen is a big pie fan. Me, not so much. I need to work on my pie skills though because he sure appreciates a pie now and then. We had our dinner French style again, with the salad course first. I am starting to really love having dinner that way. Everyone seems to eat slower and enjoy the food more and visit more.

We were super pleased to hear that the NAckroyds really loved the bunnies. Somehow they figured out that it was us. Actually, they had a hunch and just straight out asked if it was us. :) Apparently, last night when Allen and Jill dropped them off the girls were already in bed. It was a great surprise for them this morning! I love that the bunnies got carrots on their plates :) Also, one has a shirt on and another has a hat on. Fun!

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