Sunday, 19 April 2020

Sunday Bliss

What a great Sunday. When you're home all day there is so much more time to read and study and plan and write and think. I've had a fabulous day. I've started to use some of the things I've learned this week for school for seminary.

The weather was beautiful today. Neighbors were out and we chat over the hedge and over the fence. It's lovely. We have little barky dogs on one side of our fence. They're cute....but pretty yappy. Frank had enough of it today. They were out there barking while he wandered around the yard. He sauntered over to the fence and peed on it, right in front of them. LOL

...but they're so irritating

Tonight we watched a fireside (or is it called a devotional now?) with Hank Smith, John Bytheway and Meg Johnson. It was so great. I'm in awe of their ability to speak and motivate. Loved it!

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