Friday, 24 April 2020

Happy Birthday Peirce!

Today Peirce turned 18! In our family, we usually get up and open presents first. This year Allen had ordered some things which have not arrived yet - so he started scouring Kijiji for fun gift ideas. He got Peirce this little printer that prints small pictures. I think Peirce loves it! He printed a ton of photos.

We had a fun dinner of Pad Thai and cake from La Diperie. It was the best ice cream cake I've ever had!

Tonight, Jill surprised him with a drive in movie! She got Peirce's friend Sophie to coordinate setting up a drive in movie on our driveway. They projected the movie on to the garage door. Friends came and Jill had marked out spots for chairs on the driveway so that everyone would be social distancing. Peirce's friends even made a friendship slide slow for him. He has some great friends!

We sure love Peirce. Right from the beginning he's always been an easy going and kind-hearted boy. He sure has been a joy to raise. We love you Peirce!!

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