Friday, 17 April 2020


I have a goal to blog daily - and I felt like I was humming along - but man, this has been a rough week. Years ago I worked from home. I was grateful for it because it meant I was home with our kids - sort of. It also meant I worked a LOT of hours. The work is always there when you work from home. This teaching from home is like that. As someone described, we are learning to repair the airplane while we're flying it - only, we're not pilots and we're not mechanics. Bottom line: There has been a STEEP learning curve going on. All in all though, I think it's been a good week and I'll be a little better at it next week.

Today, to celebrate living through the week, we decided to order food in (really, the only option to eating out and avoiding cooking LOL) It was a lot of fun! We got dinner from one of our favorite places: Cactus Club. Yum!! We invited Grandma to join us too. :)

Some things that are bringing us joy:

  • dogs
  • cheese
  • good food 
  • friends...especially ones who bring cookies!
  • games

After dinner games

 Frank just can'!

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