Saturday, 18 April 2020

Stories and Thoughts and Ideas

One thing about me is I'm definitely a morning person. Saturday mornings are some of my favorites because most of my family sleeps in - which means I can have a little more time to read and pray and putter and whatever else I want to do. This morning I did a little reading and then got working on seminary. I was feeling worried that I was neglecting some things with seminary because with school being so demanding this week. My patriarch blessing talks about how I should record stories and thoughts and ideas and that they will bless my life, as well as others who read them. This morning I was thinking about how much I miss seeing my seminary kids and how distant I feel from them. I was thinking about how I could have more contact with them and it struck me! I could use some of the things I learned this week and apply it to seminary. This was the product. It's a mash up of direction from my patriarchal blessing and a hope that I can give a daily reminder to my seminary kids about how important I think it is to be in the scriptures every day so that revelation can be received and also so that they know I'm thinking about them and care about them. It's not perfect. I'll learn some tricks along the way. I don't think it's too bad for a start though!

Today I went and gave blood. I think about my brother a lot whenever I go do that. They did a CT scan last week and his tumors have grown. They are pushing on some of his organs and causing pan that radiates up his back. This past week they did a nerve-blocking procedure to help him with his back pain. Hopefully that will help him sleep.

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