Saturday, 25 April 2020


Today we took my new car in to get a new windshield. Allen made the appointment last week. When he went in, the guy in front of him was getting stuff for a dealership. He paid for his invoice and then also remembered he wanted to buy some windshield cleaner. There was a conversation and the worker said he didn't want to print another invoice so he thought he'd just give it to him for free. There was some glee and joking around in that moment. Then it was Allen's turn to approach the counter.

I didn't go in, because, you know, social distancing. When Allen got in the car he had tears in his eyes and told me this story: The guy turned a camera on him, slid a paper in front of him and asked him to read it. It was early Saturday morning so it took a couple reads. Finally, Allen looked up and said, "Does this say the windshield is free?"

They were giving everything for free today! They said they were doing it to give back to the community in a hard time. That was quite a gift for us. A $300 gift!

What a feeling!! It made me want to go out and figure out what I could do - which is probably the point.

When we went back to pick up the car, we stopped and bought a case of beer for them. That was funny too. Allen said he went in and said he needed some beer. The guy asked him what kind of beer and he was like, "Uh......" Finally Big Rock came to mind and so the guy was able to give him a little more direction. I think he was surprised to have someone come in with such a simple request and so little knowledge about what he wanted. LOL

When we picked up our car we ran into someone we know from church. We hesitantly asked him if he got a free windshield today (what if we got ours for free and he didn't?!) Turned out he did and we had a fun conversation celebrating our luck.

There are some good people in Calgary!! If you need a windshield, definitely go to Windshield Surgeon!

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