Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the time of year when I have to take a deep breath and quit being the sugar police and just enjoy! Takes a little work...but I'm getting the hang of it.

Last night we had a Trick of Trunk activity at the church. I love Trick or Trunk. It's short and simple and the kids just love it so much! We made a fishing pond! I had a big sign that said 'fish for candy' and the kids had to use a fishing rod to get the treats. Sometimes they got a toy (good way to get rid of McDonald's toys from the bottom of the toy box!) and sometimes they got a candy. I wasn't too sure people would like it (after all, who needs more McDonald's toys in their house?!) but it was a big hit! The kids liked it, and I had a good time seeing them all have so much fun.

This is Peirce getting ready to dive into his bag of treats! He's a kitty this year....which is pretty appropriate since he spends most of his playing time pretending he's a cat anyway.

After Trick or Trunk we went over to the school to see how things were going at the family dance. Looked like they had lots of people there and like everyone was having a great time!

As soon as we got home the organizing began. My kids spend a lot of time organizing and trading and making deals on so much of this for so much of that. There was no way I could talk them out of taking care of business and getting to bed on time!

Today they dressed up for school. Peirce is a kitty still and Jill is dressed up as Dumbledore. I thought it was pretty cute watching them in their costumes with their backpacks I had to take a picture.

Here's Jill as Dumbledore!

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