Saturday, 18 October 2008

Swim Meet #1

Today was Jill's first real swim meet. It was in Okotoks and was quite a long day. We hurried to get there - and then sat and waited for her heats. She swam in 4 races as well as a relay. She came in first in two of her heats. In another she came in 2nd. In her IM race she was the only girl that wasn't disqualified! LOL

I think this first meet was taken as an opportunity to log some times, and gain experience. Jill had a GREAT day. It seems like this stuff is right up her alley. Good thing...because we have a lot of it coming up! This "Tired Jill' picture is a big fake. We never saw any of that all day! She just thought it would be good for the camera. LOL

I can see good things coming from this swimming. On Friday she went to bed nice and early so she'd be ready for the meet. Then Saturday she was plain ol' worn out and went to bed early! It's hard for a kid to get in trouble when she's got that scheduled! I think we'll stick with this for a while. :0)

I was concerned about Peirce being bored while we sat around the pool all day. That wasn't a problem at all. There were enough other little brothers around that he could run around with. They watched hockey, played in the curling rink, ran up and down ramps, and just plain ol' ran and ran and ran. He was pretty worn out by the end of the day as well!

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