Sunday, 12 October 2008

Old Friends in New Places

I remember when I was in University listening to a high counselman talk about how wonderful the friendships you make while you're in University. He said that many of the friendships he made during that time are still his closest friends. Now I find myself thinking about that often when I run into old friends from those days. My goodness, if that guy wasn't right! When I run into friends from University Ward it doesn't take too long to warm up!

Today we went to church in the Peace River branch. There was a woman leading the music in RS and I said to my mom that I thought I knew her. I talked to her after church and sure enough, I was right! We talked for quite a while. I asked about her sister because I've seen a name on my ward list that always made me wonder if that was the person I remember by that name - and sure enough it is her! Interesting thing is that I've really been thinking about that name on our ward list a lot lately and wondered how I could figure out if it really was her or not....short of going and knocking on her door. Well, looks like I need to go knock on her door because it is her.

I also ran into another woman that I knew back then. She's been to school for 12 years and now works as a gynecologist. I had no idea!

It was really fun to run into those old friends again. I'm amazed at how you can find someone from University ward wherever you go, or so it seems!

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