Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Let The "Home Reading" Begin (???)

I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but I do enjoy reading. LOL

It's also really important to me that my kids learn to love reading, and so we spend lots of time reading together, looking for great books, and discussing books.

Since my kids are in French Immersion I've often made meager attempts at reading French books with them. It never lasts too long because:

1. They are always picking on me for my bad pronounciation
2. French is more work for us and so they whine and complain and don't cooperate
3. We don't have a lot of French books
4. My French isn't that great (or did I cover that in #1?)

Well, today Peirce brought home a duo-tang (his obsession with the word duo-tang was quite entertaining....I guess he'd never heard that word before). We are supposed to start a home reading program. The only thing we need to keep track of is French reading.

My first thought was that THAT will be a challenge. However, Peirce was very eager to read me his little photocopied A-Z Reading book today a number of times until we'd filled the required 15 minutes. We started in on a French library book he had brought home from the library - but he soon decided maybe we could stick with his little photocopied book.

One thing I appreciate about Peirce is how he really wants to do what is expected of him. I am predicting that that will help us a little with this home reading program. We'll see!

....maybe I'd better start practising French a little more....

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