Saturday, 4 October 2008

Noah Ackroyd The Hermit Crab

We have a new addition to our family.....wasn't my idea!

Our friends were getting rid of this little guy. She had posted something on Facebook asking if anyone would adopt him. I said, "That's too bad. My kids have always wanted one of those but their mom won't let them have one!"

Later that day Allen called and said, "Guess what I have for the kids?!"

Ugh. Clearly we should have communicated!!

The kids named him Noah.

So, now Noah is part of our family. I don't like it...but they sure do. It was like Christmas around here that morning!! They're more than thrilled. I've been quite surprised at how much they play with him and watch him and draw him and all that. We thought we had lost him today....and the kids prayed and found that he had buried himself in the sand and actually wasn't missing at all. (Rats!)
And I'll just try and stay quiet about it all.
Did I ever tell you about the Hermit Crabs the teacher in the classroom next to me had? One day some kid was playing with them. He had them on his desk and had a book standing up on the edge of the desk as a "wall" around the crabs. Then someone walked by and knocked the books over. Dead hermit crabs.
I tell my kids to make sure they take good care of Noah - because I know how to get rid of hermit crabs quite easily! [evil witch laugh]

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