Sunday, 26 October 2008

I Love It When Things Comes Together Just Right!

I took my kids to a missionary fireside tonight. It was on the Savior and had lots of music. It was all really wonderful.

Jill tries to be a good missionary. She has a friend at school she invites to activities and is sometimes turned down and she has felt a little discouraged. She's sincere and she's prayerful and seems to do all the right things...but hasn't found success....or so she thought.

Tonight when we were at the fireside we sat on the same row as a man who used to be in our ward that is dating a woman who it turns out has a son that is in her class. In the fireside they had a slide show put to a song about the Savior and there were pictures of the Savior and pictures of recent baptisms in our stake...and low and beyond the son of this woman was in one of the photos!! Apparently he was baptized two weeks ago. Jill was ecstatic to find this out. Turns out she sits right by him too...the teacher has their desks in groups of 4 and there's her, another boy from our ward, this boy that was baptized, and another 3 of the 4 are members! She was so thrilled to find this out. She said to me, "Mom! I just realized how important it is to be a good example!! What if I was a bad example and he decided not to get baptized and I didn't know! He could have been watching me!"

I was so thrilled she had figured this out. She told me how she's going to always try to be a good example and how you just never know who is watching! :0)

Warms a mother's heart!

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Kim said...

CUTE! What a smart girl Jill is! Good lessons for her so early!!