Monday, 20 October 2008

Silly Chihuahua!

One of the phrases we hear a lot when our dear cousins, Evan and Sarah, come over is "Silly Chihuahua!" Tonight Chico was definitely a silly chihuahua.

We were all sitting at the table having a lively FHE lesson. Suddenly we hear something fall and Chico starts yelping. Somehow he got tangled up in Peirce`s back pack (I think maybe he was sniffing around for food left in there). He got his head through the little loop on the top of the backpack that you use to hang it on the hook....and man, was he upset about that. It was so funny. We`re all sitting at the table and suddenly we hear him in the back entry yelping and carrying on. We laughed our heads when we saw he was stuck in the loop on the backpack. Crazy dog!

Update: Jill took a picture! Here's the silly dog:

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