Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Kick Me

I'm thinking of volunteering again....kick me!

We just wrapped up the fundraiser at the kid's school that volunteered to coordinate. I'm so glad to not have to go there every day and keep track of those darn coupon books!! Part of me thinks it's a crazy fundraiser....but we made about $2500 from it....which may be the biggest fundraiser all year (unless we get the darn casino, that is!) However, going to the school that often has been a burden and I haven't been able to fit in exercising like I'd hoped I would once the kids were in school.

Maybe that just means I won't ever fit it in.

No!! There has to be a way!!!

So yesterday Peirce came home with a letter about the school needing volunteers for Calgary Reads. You go to a 3 hour training session and then commit to going to the school twice a week to read for 30 minutes with a struggling reader. There are many things about it that attract me to this idea. I love Language Arts. I want to volunteer more with kids (I actually have a hate on for fundraising...but that's for another post). And it would give me opportunity to be in the classroom more.

Or would it? Would I just go and sit in the hall with a kid and read? Or would that be so bad? Do I really want to commit to going to the school twice a week to volunteer? Do I really have time for that?

It might give me access to some good resources that I could borrow and use with Peirce as well. But then again, maybe we're doing okay with the reading we currently do!

One of the hardest things for me is NOT getting myself over-committed. I have a goal this year to do more for ME. Peirce's teacher is eager to have me volunteer. I asked if I could come in every other Wednesday. The first week was so fun. I got to go with a group of kids and help them with some Science (they had to draw a tree...and I wrote what they dictated about the tree.....cute!) However, last week I did a bunch of photocopying and cutting and stapling and things like that. Is that what I'll do each time I go in?? I really like working with kids........

I don't know what to do. Maybe if I stall long enough on this decision the choices will take care of themself.

...sigh....nothing like taking control of your life!

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melanie said...

Hello fellow lds moms group lady! I found your blog on the blog roll. WOW! You volunteer so much! I think that's amazing! I don't have kids in school yet, but when I do, I hope I'll get to exercise then, but it sounds like i won't be able to! Anyway, your volunteer efforts are awesome!
ciao for now,
melanie segalla