Saturday, 11 October 2008

Look North, Look Way Way North!!

Peace River doesn't have the Friendly Giant - but they do have 12 foot Davis! He was a former prospector and local legend who got his nickname mining $15,000 worth of gold from a 12 foot plot of land between two gold claims.

We took a deep breath and packed out kids in the car this weekend and headed north for 8 hours. We were only half brave and chose to leave late enough so that they could sleep in the car most of the way....which I think was a pretty good idea. We got to Peace River about 2 am....not bad! This is the furthest north I've ever been!

The next day the kids were up bright and early and so we sent them over to Grandma and Papa's room while we fruitlessly attempted to sleep a little more. However, we were soon up and decided to get on with the adventure.

Grandma and Papa took us to visit a town called Fahler (pronounced fall-air) To get there we had to cross a river and they have a ferry to take people across. It was really fun!
This is the little tug boat that pushes the ferry across the river. It really moves! Peirce wasn't so sure he wanted to go (didn't look too safe to him) but it was either that or get left on the shore alone, so he decided to go along. In the end he decided it was pretty fun.

Jill and Peirce were thrilled to be translators for us in Fahler. The town of Fahler is the bee capital of Canada and they have a huge bee in town. They also have a HUGE slide that I think is supposed to be a bee-hive. What fun!
The two lumps there are J&P bowing to the bee. Not sure what was up with that....maybe our next FHE lesson will be about worshipping idols. :0)

Tonight, in honor of Chico, we went to Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I think that one is going to have to be one that our family buys. It's a little silly, but when you own a chihuahua it gives you a different "appreciation" for it. LOL

So we're having lots of fun here. As a matter of fact, we might be talked into doing it again!

Just look how happy everyone looks!

....okay. We'll work on Allen. Maybe he's still a little tired from the drive. :0)

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