Thursday, 18 July 2013

BeeHive Camp

In July 2013 we sent Jill off for her first Girl's Camp. More correctly, it was BeeHive Camp. It was so fun to meet at the church, have all these little 12 year old girls chatting away. Soon someone announced: Time to get on the bus!

The chatter from the big swarm of girls moved towards the bus. It got louder and louder as they all got closer and closer - and then they were off.

She had a terrific time. Her leader was a Laurel named Sarah. Sarah, incidently, just got called on a mission to France! Jill loves Sarah. I would guess a lot of that started with the fun they had at BeeHive camp.

This week Jill got to be a BeeHive camp leader. Usually they hold those leader spots for laurels - and Jill is only 14 right now (well, will be 15 next month), and I'm sure the thought was that since she's such a great girl, they decided to ask her to help by being a camp leader. Jill was thrilled!

They grow so quickly :)

Our kooky home teacher was there!

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