Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I've mentioned before that I hate shopping.

I really hate shopping. I should probably do some self-analysis and figure out why I hate it so much. I figure there isn't much I need. I'm not into walking around to see if I might come across something I might want...I'm definitely lacking in the gathering gene.

Today, however, Jill wanted to go to Value Village. She's a smart cookie. She made sure all her chores were done and then she approached me to go. Sometimes going to Value Village is fun because of the crazy stuff there. We went and had fun...then we had to get out of there (I can only take the chaos of VV for so long!)

We found a bunch of jeans for Jill (they have rows and rows and rows of jeans!), a dress, and a few other things. I even made myself find a couple pairs of pants.

Best of all though was the fur coat we found:

....but we didn't buy it :)

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