Friday, 19 July 2013

Un-Birthday Party

Jill's birthday happens while she is away in Edmonton this year, so she was proactive and got a birthday party together prior to her birthday. She decided to introduce all her friends to ice blocking. We made a picnic area at Confederation Park. It was a really great time!

There was lots to do to get ready so I got everyone to work. Jill and I made rainbow cupcakes. Peirce and Jill decorated them and Allen cooked up all the hamburger patties. She had hoped for a fancy beautiful cake like the millions on Pinterest - but reality set in (i.e. that stuff never works out when your mother is involved, Jill!) and we made simple cupcakes.

Jill was so proud of the cupcakes! I thought they were rather delicious myself!

In case you don't know what ice blocking is - you get a block of ice, put a towel over it to try to keep your bum dry (didn't work in our case....too many bums, not enough towels!) and slide down a hill. Loads of fun!

Even Allen got into the action. (We keep the chiropractor on speed dial for nights like these)

Peirce got creative with his sliding. Looked kind of painful to me!

Happy birthday to our great girl!

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