Monday, 8 July 2013

Hana's Suitcase

I was going to write about this in my book blog, but I haven't actually read it, so I decided to blog about it here.

In school, Peirce started reading Hannah's Suitcase, a holocaust story. He has talked about it endlessly. He was really taken by the whole story.  He didn't get to finish the story in school because of the floods. He had actually borrowed a video from the public library for his class to watch. They only watched the first few minutes if it, so today he and I watched the video together. Wow. I can see why he was so taken by it. It is an amazing story.

The story was uncovered by a Japanese woman who worked in a museum. They wanted to teach Japanese children about the holocaust and so they asked some holocaust museums if they could have some artifacts they sent a suitcase that had belonged to young girl who was killed in the gas chambers in Auschwitz. Through a series of events this woman was able to uncover the story of Hana, the owner of the suitcase. This story made me feel very emotional. I'm continually amazed and saddened by what humans will do to each other. We can be so good, and so terrible. We really must never forget.

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