Thursday, 4 July 2013


Today was Jill's first day of Age Group Champs. She has not been to A's many times, so she was a little nervous. I should have realized she was nervous sooner. She kept grumping at me for weird things. Finally, when we were in the parking lot gathering up food, making sure she had everything, and then saying our good byes, she had a little cry. That is when I finally clued in. Broke my heart! There wasn't much time. I had to send her off while I went off to mark PATs. I wanted so badly to stay with her and help her brought the nerves!! Instead I told her she was awesome, told her to shake it off, and spanked her bumb and sent her off.

Then I had my own little cry.

....and a prayer.

And who do I run into not five minutes later? Fergie, one of the coaches. He is a great guy (....a Timmermans recipient just like Jill!) I asked him to go be nice to Jill and help her chill. I had to wait all morning, but finally Jill texted me. Good ol' Fergie had done just what I asked him to.

I am so grateful for our great coaches!

Her own coach, Alex, is great too. She told him she was feeling nervous. He doesn't waste too many words. He told her to stop it. Nervous doesn't help anyone. And added: now go talk to Elaina about boys or something to take your mind off of everything.

Perfect advice!

Best of all: she made it to the B finals for 200 fly! Yea Jill!

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