Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Summer PD?!

I volunteered to mark Provincial Achievement Tests this year. Today was my first day. What an amazing experience it has been! I learned so much today. Best of all, I feel confident about my understanding about what to expect from kids in Gr. 3. When we do a blind marking I have been on target with how the group leads have assessed the work. It has been great! I have met some wonderful people too. Loving it! (I know....nerdy!)

One of the great things about today was I got to rub shoulders with a woman I met at the International Reading Association. She is a picture book expert (she did a lasters degree on Children's Literature and focused on picture books and how to use them for learning) and we had some great conversation about the beauty of picture books and how to use them with all ages. One of her suggestions was to photocopy sections of books for kids to analyze the stories. What a great idea!

She helped me recommit to my Book A Day Challenge. I can't seem to read a chapter book a day like some of the people in this challenge, but I could read two or three picture books along with whatever other chapter book I am reading! I'm totally recommitted to doing that, and blogging about it so I can keep track of all these great books.

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