Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer Fun

Today Jill and her gurls went shopping. I was the taxi, which was alright by me. I never (I really mean NEVER) go to malls. I'm really not remotely interested in walking around malls. However, hanging out at Indigo for a couple hours is just fine with me! I found some great new books to read. Thanks to free wifi, I can check the library website while there and decide what to buy and what to put on hold at the library. It's a perfect system!

I love this picture of Jill! Summertime fun is her specialty!

Peirce is gone to Utah with Grandma. Last night they were in Idaho Falls and stayed at a hotel. He is having a great time, by all accounts. So grateful for Facetime and wifi that allows us to talk to him easily wherever he is. Amazing! The highlights he told us about were that they sell bugles in the vending machine in the hotel, and he has his first twinkee. (ugh!)

Grandma said they were loving the hotel and would have liked to have just stayed there forever. That's kind of how vacations go with Peirce. He has a great time all along the way. Every point of the trip he's happy and excited and thinks it's the pinnacle. It's fun to have a kid like that around!

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