Thursday, 2 August 2012

Animal Masquerade (Marianne Dubuc)

This is a cute little book where the animals are all dressing up as other animals. It has a rhythm too...

The elephant went disguised as... (turn the page)
a parrot.

The parrot went disguised as... (turn the page)
a turtle.

I can see a class of kids laughing out loud as you turn each page.

The best part is now and then there are surprises!

The hen went disguised as...(turn the page)
The hen didn't dress up.
She didn't understand a thing.
(She isn't very smart)


The platypus went disguised as...
The platypus didn't dress up.
He looks like he's already in a disguise.

And there are a few more. The best part is they're quite interspersed through the book so it would catch the kids by surprise.

It would be a great book to read at Halloween time, or when you're doing an art project where they turn one object into another object...or just for fun!

Animal Ma...


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