Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gratitude Challenge - Aug 5

1. I'm grateful I learned to sew. Today I got some curtain rods from someone on Freecycle. I will make some new curtains for our living room.

2. I am grateful for Sundays. I love having an excuse to take a break from the regular weekly work. I need it, and I'm a bit of a zealot about it because I know what a difference it makes in my life.

3. I am grateful I get to play the organ on Sundays.

4. I am grateful for my SS class. Today there were only 3 kids there. I was a little nervous about how it'd go with such a small crowd - but it was just fine. They're great kids.

5. I'm grateful for the Olympics! We have been having a great time watching.

Today I shall write a note to my son to tell him I great I think he is. He started out shy and quiet, but sure didn't stay that way. He does enjoy a good day of caving though after being out having fun. He is a good boy. He is an amazing reader and writer (writes his own talks!) and very crafty. I think if I can work it right he might turn into someone who is good at fixing stuff and making stuff with tools I can't use. :) Sure do love him! The fact is, I'm plain ol' crazy about him!

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