Friday, 3 August 2012

Gratitude Challenge - Aug 3

1. Laughs with my husband. Tonight we were in our parked car about to drive away when a car parallel parked in front of us. Allen suddenly said, "Wow! Did you see that?!" the car suddenly lifted up about 3 inches." We thought it was a cool feature of that vehicle....that is, until the overweight woman that had just exited the vehicle walked around the back where we could see her. We laughed and laughed. Oops!! I love having a good belly laugh with Allen....and it is something that happens often!

2. I am grateful my kids are good friends. Today Jill called. We talked for quite a while, then she asked to talk to Peirce. They talked for an hour! I thought it was so cute. They really miss each other.

3. I am grateful for easy to live with kids. Peirce and Jill are both very independent and trustworthy. I can go out on a moment's notice and not worry about what will happen while I am gone.

Today I will write a note to Jill.....she can't hear often enough what a great kid I think she is. I admire her for the great people skills she has. Everyone seems to love Jill, and Jill really does love everyone around her. She looks for the good in people. She is a wonderful big sister. She tries to always be kind to Peirce and shows that she cares. I also really admire her for how disciplined she is. I don't know if I could work as hard as she does at swimming. She is my hero!

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