Saturday, 4 August 2012

Gratitude - Aug 4

I realized today I'm supposed to be listing FIVE things I'm grateful for!! Oops. At least it only took me four days to get on track.

1. I'm grateful for solitude today!! Jill is gone to E-town and Peirce and Allen decided to go camping. They left around 1:00 and will be back early tomorrow so Allen can still get to his meetings and Peirce can give his in the meantime I'm enjoying the solitude. Some people don't like being alone. Now and then, I relish in it. My normal routine is clean the house and then sit and watch it stay clean!! I also added a bunch of reading to my schedule today, and some work on my SS lesson.

2. Freecycle!! I love freecycle. Today I got rid of two bikes in our garage, and have two potential takers for our big big big TV!

3. I'm grateful for books. So grateful! Today I spent HOURS reading. I haven't done that for a long time. It does something good to my soul. So grateful for time to read!!!

4. I'm grateful for reading while lying on the couch with the fan blowing on me.

5. I'm grateful for hot weather! The last two days have been rather cool and rainy. I almost considered putting on long pants...but the hot weather is back. Phew! Love it!

And today, my note will go to my own dear husband. Who could ask for a better man?! He is such a good dad. Our kids really love him and have a special relationship with him. I love that. And I am crazy about him!! I hope he is having fun in the mountains. I am so grateful for all he does to be a great husband and great dad. I admire how he is always trying to do better. He has big goals, and works hard. I love him to bits!

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