Thursday, 9 August 2012

Gratitude Challenge - August 9

1. Olympics: it's so inspiring to watch these amazing people complete! I love having the time to watch it.

2. Muffins: I made banana chip gluten free muffins today. Yummm!

3. Anthony: Peirce has a really good friend named Anthony. They have played more together this summer than they ever have in the past. Peirce has had a great time with him.

4. Moves: Storybook Theatre Calgary is moving to my community. Yea!! When we go on a Friday after swim practice it is always a stress because there isn't quite enough time. Now that won't be an issue, I'm sure! Plus, they have theatre programs I've always wanted to put Peirce in, but didn't want to drive so far for. Now those programs are more of a possibility in our life!

5. Shakespeare in the Park: So glad to be able to introduce my children to Shakespeare. They have enjoyed it for years! It's just a little toe dip for them, for it is good exposure, and I love the plays too!

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