Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gratitude Challenge - August 14

1. Shelter from storms! We have had some doozies the past few days...and we have come through them unscathed.

2. Visiting Teaching One of the sisters I visit had a birthday on Saturday. Our Saturday was crazy and I couldn't go see her that day, so today I took her a bowl of sticky popcorn. She was so gracious and so grateful...warmed my heart. I likely would have never got to know her if it wasn't for visiting teaching.

3. Life After Death Today our friend, Pete Estrabrooks, passed away. I was just talking this morning with my walking buddy about how real the plan of salvation has become to me after losing some people close to me - namely Destiny, and my dad. When I learned today that Pete had passed away last night I wondered what he and my dad are doing right now. I'm sure they're debating the score of some team somewhere!

4. Sleepovers Peirce gets to go have a sleepover at a friend's tonight. He has looked forward to it since Sunday. So glad he has such good friends!

5. Bikes Peirce and I have been biking this week to Park and Play. I have had moments where I think it might kill me. Luckily, my exercise goals this summer work well with my reading goals. I go exercise in the morning by walking for an hour and then riding with Peirce, and by the time we're finished I feel as though that is all I can do!! So I shower, and then get into a book. It's perfect!! I just realized today too that I no longer think about how much my bum hurts when I ride. I guess I'm getting tougher!

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