Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gratitude Challenge - August 16

1. Photo: Checking out injured dragonfliesToday on our bike ride to Park and Play we found an injured dragonfly. Peirce wanted to stop and check it out and ended up taking a picture of it. It is so nice to have summers off to be able to do things with my kids like this. I'm grateful to have time to stop!

2. I'm grateful for bunny songs. I got a call from Jill yesterday that went like this:
J: Mom, what's that bunny song?
M: Bunny song?
J: Ya. Raina and I are singing bunny songs
M: You mean the house in the middle of the woods one?
J: Ya....but how does dad sing it where he kills the bunny?

I had to laugh. What a funny phone call. I sang it for her, plus a few more. While we were talking they must have been bike riding or walking, judging from the side conversation. It was just a fun conversation.

3. I'm grateful for goals! I decided that from now on (like, for the rest of my life!) I have to read my scriptures and exercise before I can get on that time sucker, Facebook. Today I did it! It felt great to get those things done quickly. With Facebook I can stretch out exercise, reading and housework to 1:00 in the afternoon! Time to change that.

4.I'm grateful for rosy cheeks. Yesterday Allen asked me if I have started wearing more make up. I haven't. It's just the exercising. Too funny!

5. I'm grateful for rice flour cookies for my non-wheat eaters. Yum!

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