Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Exercise Revolution

I watched this great You Tube video today about exercise. He starts off talking about a antedote that helps almost everyone. He states all the benefits and lists percentages of people whose health improves with the antedote. He says the single best thing we can do for our health is EXERCISE!

I set a goal this summer to become more of an exerciser. I knew I needed to. I hurt my foot this year. What did I do?? Well, nothing. I was just walking down the hallway at school one day when it started hurting. I really think the root of it all was inactivity. I was starting to really fall apart!! Dr. Dottridge says it is achilles tendonitis and will take months to recover from. I decided I needed to change that this summer. I am embarrassed to say that even walking at first just about did me in. It was totally exhausting!! After a few weeks though I started to get stronger, and now I have even been going for bike rides with Peirce after I get home from my walk! (Then I come home totally exhausted) I'm really glad I could work on this over the summer though because you can't work out and then be a wreck for the day while teaching....I can do that in the summer though!! :) And now I'm not even totally a wreck after exercising. I was looking at some 5K races today and I think I just might enter one somewhere in the fall (still undecided). My goal is to become a runner...one day. In the meantime I will continue exercising an hour a day. I plan to ride my bike to school in the fall for as long as the weather holds out. Sometimes I think, "Who am I kidding??" But then again, I really want to be a success story. I also keep hearing lately about how exercise is a great way to ward of cancer. I have a bit of a fear of getting cancer, and so I am motivated to do what I can to stave that off.

I'm serious enough about this that I'm even going to make a new label: Fitness.

I'm really going out on a limb here!!

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