Friday, 17 August 2012

Gratitude - August 17

1. The Library - I sometimes worry that they'll announce that they have a new tiered system for library fees, and since I'm a super-user, I now get to pay some exorbatant fee to use the library. It is the best $12 I spend all year!! I seriously love the library and I go there many times a week. The other day Peirce was off at a friend's house and my walking buddy and I were talking about how I should spend my day since I wouldn't have any kids at home. What could I do that I can't normally do with kids?? I know!! I could go to the library for the ENTIRE day and read! Bliss!!

2. Sinks that drain - We have had a problem with all the bathroom sinks in our house. I fixed the downstairs one a week or so ago (packed with hair....sick!). Today I fixed the one off our bedroom. It was just gummed up (sick again!) I'm so happy to have a sink that drains properly again! It wasn't an easy feat either. I had to loosen this nut down underneath the sink that was really hard to loosen, take out the stopper, clean it all out, then put it all back together. Phew!! I am pretty sure I got it all back together properly. I will have to pay attention for leaks the next few days just to be sure. I felt so good to get that fixed though. It made me think maybe I should try and do something every day to make my house a better place....hmmm.....can I add to my goals??

Photo: Sink

3. Safety - After the fire yesterday, I'm sure glad that our home was kept safe and that my family is all safe. Poor Peirce was a little traumatized by it all. He had to sleep in our room last night. Hopefully soon he feels comforted and just as safe as I do!

4. Egg McMuffins - I had a coupon for a free one, so this morning I went and got I like free. And I like Egg McMuffins. Yum!

5. Time - I still have a week! I dropped by the school today. I'm not motivated to do that again too soon. It was a bit of a wreck in there. They've been painting, no bulletin boards are on the walls, there is stuff in my room from the hallways, things were all taken out and then put back (in the wrong spots) .....oh there's some work to do! I think I'll wait a bit before I go back in and maybe someone else will get some of that stuff put where it belongs.

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