Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gratitude Aug 1

Today I am grateful for:

1. Good neighbors. I was trying to mow the lawn today. The mower was out of gas so I put some in...well, I thought I had put some in. Turned out I put in the mixed oil/gas stuff that is for the snow blower. Our neighbor saw me trying and trying to start out lawn mower (which now I now would have never started) and said, "Would you like to use mine?!" He is always friendly and generous like that. Great guy!

2. Summer. I have not been very good at having time off. I rarely have taken vacations or had unstructured time, well, most of my life! This life of going back to teaching and having summers off have been an adjustment. I am starting to really love the down time though and the time to catch up in my house. And most of all, the reading time. Life is good!

3. Jobs. I'm grateful that Jill is able to have a job of sorts this summer. She is in Edmonton for the month of August and I miss her a lot - but I'm grateful she can have a chance to earn some money. I pray for her every day!

Today I am grateful for my friend, Colleen. We got to know each other when she was in my ward and serving in primary. She was soon called to work in the primary presidency with me and I always admired her for her willingness to do anything. She has gone through a lot in her life, especially this last year, and somehow was always able to stand tall and take on the challenges that came her way. She is one of my heros! And not only that, she gives a great hair cut. :) Thanks Colleen!!

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Carmen Letourneau said...

Dawn, I am impressed by how gratitude is an antidote for so many things: fear and worry, selfishness, pride, covetousness, entitlement. And it just makes a person feel so happy. Thanks for sharing!