Monday, 6 August 2012

Gratitude Challenge - August 6

1. I'm grateful my husband takes his role as a dad seriously. He works hard to make sure he has a good relationship with Jill and Peirce. Peirce and he have a "Boy's Club" and they go do fun things (like camping this past Saturday!). Jill often goes to him first for comfort when she's frustrated or needs help figuring out a problem in life (especially with swimming).  He is a great dad.

2. I'm grateful for laundry machines! I probably have the oldest washing machine that isn't a wringer washer. It just keeps on ticking!

3. I'm grateful I have three weeks left of summer! So much to do!

4. I'm grateful that my achilles tendonitis is getting better. My doctor didn't think walking would cure it, but it sure seems to help!

5. I'm grateful school will start in three weeks. I miss everyone!

Today I will write a note of thanks to my mom. She's had to learn to move on in life after dad died, and she has learned to live a happy live despite the sadness. She has LOTS of interests and talents and can do pretty much anything! She continues to be a great example and a great mom. I love her!

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