Thursday, 16 August 2012

House Fire Too Close to Home

This afternoon Peirce and his friends were jumping on the trampoline. They came running into the house yelling, "Mom! The neighbors house is on fire!"

I had been reading and I calmly went to the deck to check it out and was suddenly quite alarmed! They were right!! Huge clouds of black smoke were billowing into the sky. I yelled for Allen and he called 911 while we all ran outside.

This was taken from the end of my driveway:

The wind was blowing our way and so we could really smell it. I had heard some pops earlier that sounded to me like gun fire, but didn't do anything about it (oops!). I'm sure it was the fire. The news says it started in the detatched garage and spread to the house. The houses on each side and the one across the alley all have melted siding now too. So scary!

They said on the news two firemen were hurt when the roof collapsed. A beam fell on them. They were treated at the scene and are apparently okay. It was scary to see all the ambulances and firetrucks and police cars there!

I had to remember what the house number was because I have friends who have a rental just down the street. I called her and it turns out they are away in Nova Scotia. She was a little alarmed and said she'd be sure to call her tenants right away.

Apparently no one was hurt in the fire. I will try to find out who lived there and see how we can help.

A fire broke out Thursday evening at a home in Beddington.
Global TV took this shot from the alley.

A shot from our Skyview camera shows smoke billowing from the fire.
The view from the CTV skyview camera

Smoke from a garage fire fills Bedford Drive N.E.
This picture was from the CBC news website. The smoke was overwhelming! This is the street the house with the fire is on.

A garage fire in Beddington has badly damaged at least one house.
CBC photo of the house at the end of my street. The fire was behind this house

You can watch a video of the fire here and a news story about it here.


Gilly said...

So Scary! Glad you guys are all ok.

Valerie said...

Oooh, that DOES look scary! Glad you are okay and hope that whoever lives there is okay too (and up to date on their insurance!)